Beside academic research, I also work on some development/hacking projects.

TouIST (Toulouse Integrated Satisfiability Tool)

Touist (see on github) is a Java and Ocaml project to provide a nice IDE as well as a high-level language for expressing and solving problems in propositional logic. This project was initiated during a school project in 2015 with three other school mates.

Logistique de crise et aide humanitaire

“Logistique de crise et aide humanitaire” is a research project completed during the M2 (2014-2015). github, report (fr), slides (fr)

Contributions to open-source software

  • boost graph is a part of the large Boost C++ library. I mainly contributed1 through bug fixes to max flow algorithms.
  • gitlab is a competitor to Github; I proposed multiple bug fixes0 to enhance the referencing behavior in issue tickets.

  1. Contributions to the boost graph project ^