I am currently a PhD student at IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse, France) in the LILaC and ADRIA team. I am under the supervision of Olivier Gasquet (IRIT), Dominique Longin (CNRS), Frédéric Maris (IRIT) and Andreas Herzig (CNRS).

Research Interests

  • Real-world problem solving
  • Logic theories (SAT, SMT, QBF)

My PhD thesis consists in developing a tool and language, TouIST (Github), that will allow us to express and solve real-world problems through the use of multiple logic theories: SAT, SMT and QBF for now.

Short Bio

I graduated from ENAC and Univ. Toulouse III, obtaining the “Operations Research” Master’s degree in 2016 (promotion M2RIT-RO_15).